Frequently Asked Questions


        We take pride in our service and our industry. We care about our client’s questions & concerns.

We have outlined key procedures to help answer questions and address common issues arising from our industry.


1.      Why Don’t Contractor’s Honor a Warranty or Guarantee?

             We constantly educate our craftsman in the latest codes, manufactures products & procedures to deliver the Highest Quality Services backed by our Industry’s leading warranty agreements. Please ask our clients attached below! if there is an issue we will correct it.

2.      Why Don’t Contractors call back?

            Sometimes schedules can become very busy but our Policy is, During the hours of 10am-6pm we guarantee we will return calls within the one business day.

3.      Why Don’t Contractors show up to appointments on time?

            Delays can occur from unexpected circumstances but our Policy is, We make it our priority and commitment to show up on time & in the event of an emergency we will notify you 1 hour before for any delays.

4.      Why Don’t Contractors start or finish a job on time?

           Unforeseen damage may occur but our Policy is, we set specific start and finish dates. In the event that unforeseen damage may be present on a job we will keep consistent communication with regular updates.

5.      Why do Contractors charge more in the end than in the proposal?

          Our Policy is, We guarantee our prices with the specific scope of work identified in the contract, if there are any additional work added, or unforeseen damage which will include extra labor and materials we will be up front and honest with a change order showing the adjustment to the scope of work.

6.      Why the work isn’t as good as promised?

          Our Policy is, We take pride in our craft and vow to take the correct steps to do it right the first time, safely, structurally, & cosmetically.

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