1. Schedule: We will schedule your on site visit, take measurements, and take a look at any materials that you may have on site.

          2. Calculate:  We will take that information and formulate an estimate on the information provided.  Small projects can be done within one business day and larger projects may take up to one week.  We want to make sure we have all the details correct and that will be outlined in a very detailed estimate so you will be aware of each step in the process.

          3. Contact: We will contact you by phone, e-mail, or another on site visit to go over the details and explain all the steps and pricing.

          4. Approval:  After everything is approved and signed we will schedule your project as soon as possible.  Congratulation we are as excited to be working with you!

Starting Your Project

           Working Hours:  We are committed to get your project completed within a timely manner.  We typically work Monday through Friday at approximately 9am to 5pm and on some Saturdays depending on material delivery from vendors and other factors.

            Workers: We will be working on your project with both employees and subcontractors depending on the scope of work. We have a zero tolerance for drugs & alcohol and safety is our #1 priority.  We have strict policies in place to ensure professionalism.

            Environment:  Remodeling can be intrusive & noisy.  We keep your home clean and safe during the process by placing drop clothes, plastic, and dust collectors to limit dust and debris.  We know what its like to live through a renovation and our goal is to maintain a clean safe work environment.

            Payment & Change Orders:   The payment schedule will be outlined in the contract and payments will be request at the start of a certain phase of the project.  Details of the change order are on the contract which state that: Any additional work, unforeseen damage, or additional cost will need to be agreed upon by both parties with a signed change order agreement which will be an addition to the contract.

            Completion:  Now the exciting part! Your project is complete and we can see the end result of a beautiful transformation.  All construction debris caused by our company will be cleaned and disposed of. We will do a walk through with you to ensure we completed each and every stage of the project as outlined in the contract.


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